Colours of Love

by Archan Mukherjee

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Indiaree Gender Independence Festival

About 'Colours of Love'

Release date- 26 November 2015
Love is not just what you think it is. Love is what I do when no one is looking.
Those who have already experienced “A Silent Saga, Colonial Calcutta Caught in Camera” in 2014 & “A City in Love” in 2015, “Colours of Love, in Monochrome” will not need much of an introduction.

Archan, the creator of the earlier two works, this time has joined hands with Kaushik to bring out the 2016 calendar. In continuation to the theme of love, they have ventured into the controversial terrain where love manifests through its most basic but essential form: the body. They have tried capturing the different moods of love and its manifestation in different forms, some traditional, some unconventional. 

The makers of this calendar believe it is necessary that we take ourselves out of our comfort zone and look beyond the binary which entraps us. It is a fight not just against the patriarchal society which teaches us to see things in a particular way, but also a fight against the invisible patriarch who sits within us and dictates our thoughts. It is time we see the colours of love albeit in monochrome!